News from Koets

Feb 11, 2016

Koets Plumbing's Advice for Frozen Pipes

The 2016 winter in South Eastern Ontario has been very mild but that is about to change this weekend.  Because of the mild winter we have had more calls regarding sump pumps not working than pipes freezing.

So with the expected extreme cold weekend we recommend a couple of precautions to take to prevent frozen pipes:

1)  Keep your heat turned up.  It is better to pay a bit more for heating than it is to deal with frozen or burst pipes. 

2) Purchase a small space heater if you have areas in your home that your current heating system does not keep warm such as a crawl space.

3) Leave your taps running with a slight stream of water coming out.  Water is a precious resource but if you are concerned about your pipes freezing this should help.

Stay warm and know that this extreme cold will only last a few days.