News from Koets

Apr 10, 2014

Koets Plumbing Emergency Sump Pump Service Saves Basement Flooding

Usually the phone at Koets Plumbing rings during regular business hours.  However, this week the phone has rung at various times of the day and night.  Sump pumps are failing and people's basement are flooding.  Our emergency service has helped to settle a lot of nerves. 

We had just sat down for supper tonight and the phone rang.  An elderly man had just realized that his sump pump had stopped working.  Without missing a beat...Dan said that he would go and replace his sump pump.  All of our guys have worked late, gone out during the night and on weekends or started extra early to help people out.  I am very proud of the way each of them have stepped up to the plate and helped with out the emergency service calls.