News from Koets

Mar 26, 2014

Mike Holmes Needed in Quinte West!!!

I have just been online posting some of the thank you letters and notes that we receive with payment of accounts.  It is not unusual for us to get several thank you notes a week...and we are very appreciative of the time our customers take to write them.  Sometimes our technicians are barely pulling out of a customer's driveway and the customer is on the phone telling us how pleased they are with the workmansip and with "our guys".

The following email was not from a customer but from someone who contacted us by email from our website.  She had a minor issue and also had a list of jobs that she wanted done.  Dan set up an appointment with her and discussed the replacing of very old copper pipes and the installation of a basement bathroon.  She said that she would wait and have her minor issue fixed when we came to replace the old pipes.  She had heard so many good things about Koets Plumbing and had already sent us some pictures of badly burned floor joists where another plumber had tried to fix her pipes.   According to her, she had experienced a bad plumbing job and was happy to have Koets Plumbing doing this job.

So, you can imagine our surprise when we received this email:

"Unfortunately, the area of the small leak had worsened and I had to choose to go with someone else.  Even more unfortunately, they are messing up the job.  However, I am stuck with them now."

I don't get that.  Would Mike Holmes get that?  Or, would he feel sorry for her?