Commercial Water Treatment Systems

Hydrogen Peroxide water treatment in Quinte, Brighton and Northumberland

As a commercial property owner, you understand the importance of providing clean, safe drinking water in your building. Old pipes and infrastructure, system contamination and less-than-ideal groundwater conditions can make it difficult to provide employee, tenants and livestock with water of excellent quality.

In the Quinte, Brighton and Northumberland regions of Eastern Ontario, D. Koets Plumbing and Heating Ltd. is proud to represent the AVIVE Healthy Water System, which features Huwa-San® Peroxide Technology, a proven alternative drinking water sanitizer. Food-grade hydrogen peroxide systems deliver a healthy option to chlorine-based water distribution.

Whether you need to deliver effective H20 sanitization systems in a hospital or institutional setting, industrial complex, agricultural operation or commercial business, a SanEcoTec® system is a powerful and eco-friendly choice.

Visit the SanEcoTec® website for more information on commercial hydrogen peroxide water systems or contact us directly.

Commercial Water Systems Brochure (pdf 3.5MB)

Info on Continuous Dosing (pdf 926KB)

Long Term Application Results (pdf 147KB)