Agricultural Water Treatment Systems

 Huwa-San® Peroxide Technology has delivered noticeable results for farm and agricultural operations.

A broiler farm in the UK decided to treat their drinking water systems with Huwa-San on a continuous basis. The treatment produced consistent health improvements in all treated crops. The broiler houses were dealing with a major biofilm in the drinking water system. This biofilm harboured dangerous pathogens that compromised the health of the chickens.

Implementation of Huwa-San 

The management decided to treat the drinking water systems with Huwa-San. Huwa-San was introduced in diluted form into the water using a simple dosing pump. For the first week, 75 ppm of active peroxide was dosed into the main water flow in order to remediate the system. This caused a discharge of slime like material from the water system, which was caught behind the water regulating valve and could be removed easily. When the system was fully remediated and an increased water flow was realized, a lower dose of 25 ppm of active peroxide was added continuously to the water.

Results of Huwa-San Treatment 

When the biofilm was removed, mortality was reduced and health greatly improved. Consistent health improvements were registered during each crop: reduced mortality dropped and an increase in bird weight was noted for each treated crop. Cost benefits were obtained from comparing mortality and weight gains between treated and untreated houses.

Pipe with biofilm contamination