Water Treatment Systems

Clean Water for the 21st Century

new generation of hydrogen peroxideAVIVE Healthy Water System by SanEcoTec uses Huwa-San DW PeroxideTechnology which is a more effective, user-friendly and eco-responsible way to ensure quality drinking water in a water distribution network, whether residential, commercial/industrial, agricultural or municipal. Conventional water treatment methods are unable to cope with the post or cross contamination challenge of biofilm formation within complex drinking water distribution systems.

Further, disinfection by-products, resulting from conventional chemical water treatments, are harmful to our health and environment. Huwa-San DW is able to meet these challenges, leading the way towards a more sustainable disinfection culture.

SanEcoTec® Water Systems provide clean drinking water, without compromising our health or the environment. This unique technology is now available in the Quinte West and Quinte area and in the Brighton and Northumberland areas through D. Koets Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

SanEcoTec won Canada's Water's Next Award Winner for 2016 and the People's Choice Winner of Canada's 2015 Clean50 Award for clean technology and innovation. 

High levels of DBPs which are produced when chlorine interacts with organics in the water have many communities across Canada searching for a safe, cost effective and Health Canada compliant alternative to chlorine.   One such community was Sunnyside, Newfoundland.   By integrating the AVIVE dosing and monitoring technology the town was able to reduce the potentially dangerous DBPs by more than 72 per cent and the bonus was that they were able to reduce the volume of treated water to flush the system by more than 50 per cent.  You can read more about this at http://watercanada.net/2016/drinking-water-avive-water/.

These African Violets thrive on the AVIVE Healthy Water System.  Imagine how well your body would respond to this same water if you showered in it and drank it.  We love it in our home.

African Violets on Huwa-San waterCall us for a free water analysis.  There is no hard sell.  We provide you with the information and leave it up to you to decide what you would like to do.

Many of our customers who have had us install the AVIVE Healthy Water System in their homes are health care providers and even one of our local doctors.  They fully understand the the health benefits of showering in and drinking hydrogen peroxide water.