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Apr 11, 2016

Bathroom Renovations - What Is Behind The Tub Wall

Bathroom renovation quotes and jobs are in full swing!   Many of our customers want to completely reconfigure their bathroom so it makes sense to them to gut the old bathroom.  Other customers only want a partial renovation and ask us if it is necessary to remove the walls.  Our answer is always yes!

Most people would never place a clean bandage over an old or dirty bandage.  And, that is how we feel about old tub walls.  Mould is a very serious health concern so removing old walls and installing new walls will eleminate that risk.

There are  many new products on the market that are mould and moisture resistant which we believe provide healthier air quality in a home.  Koets Plumbing knows that bathroom renovations are messy and take a bit of time but we also believe breathing mould free air is worth the mess.