News from Koets

Jan 18, 2016

Koets Plumbing Solves Problems using Inline Camera Inspections and Sonar!

Koets Plumbing received a call from a gentleman in Cobourg saying that we had been highly recommended.   His problem was that his daughter's bathroom would not drain properly and she had not had the use of it for 2 or 3 months.  We were a little leary after hearing his story that he had already had two other plumbing companies in and that he had paid one of them some money up front but neither company was answering his calls and neither were coming back to do the work.

Chris Koets went to investigate and eventually do the work.  It seems that both the other companies had located the problem which they said was outside and would require the yard to be dug up.  Chris snaked the line then used our inline camera and sonar.  With our  equipment he calculated the problem to be in the floor of the bedroom. 

Within a day Koets Plumbing had the problem resolved and happy customers that had a working bathroom in time for the Christmas season!

We had learned a valuable lesson earlier in the year to never rely on someone else's equipment and calculations.  We will only use our inline camera for inspection and our sonar to determine where problems exist underground.