News from Koets

Mar 25, 2015

Water Softener Scam

Some things really make my blood boil and one of them is people or companies taking advantage of the elderly.  Last week Dan was doing a service call for an elderly customer of ours who lives in Roseland Acres in Carrying Place.  While Dan was in the basement he noticed an unusual set up of a water softener and asked her about it.

This elderly lady, living on her own, had let a "gentleman" into her home to test her water.  She had not called him.  He was just knocking on doors offering to provide free water testing.

Of course, the water test showed that she desperately needed a water softener to protect her pipes and appliances.  Now this is true if you have hard water.  However, the scam was the price of the water softner system and yearly inspection contract.  Her initial bill was $6,500.00 plus a yearly contract of $500.00.  Someone should be locking this guy up.  A new water softener with all the bells and whistles installed should not cost more than $1,600.00 tops.  A yearly service inspection should just be the price of a service call.  We always leave this up to our customers.  No contracts for our customers, just give us a call.