News from Koets

May 20, 2014

AVIVE Water Treatment Solutions Inc. makes Angela Smylie Happy!

The other day Angela Smylie sent me an email endorsing the new generation food grade hydrogen peroxide system that we sell.  It is the AVIVE Water Treatment Solutions Inc. using Huwa-San peroxide technology.  Angela wanted us to share her thoughts on the water treatment system.

"In March 2012, Koets Plumbing installed a Huwa-San water treatment system in our home.  We waited the required 7 days before starting to drink the water from our taps, thereby giving an appropriate amount of time for the pipes to clear.  One month later, during a regularly scheduled dental appointment, the hygienist noticed a measurable change in the recession of my gums.  All of the measurements had decreased to such a degree that she thought she had the wrong file.  Since then, my gums have continued to show improvement, and my teeth are whiter than ever before.  As an added bonus, household cleaning is much easier because toilets and sinks stay cleaner longer, and my houseplants have never looked better! 

Angela Smylie"