News from Koets

May 13, 2014

Quinte West deserves a mayor just like Dan Koets

Back in early March, Ernst Kuglin wrote an editorial for the Trentonian about Dan Koets running for mayor.  Of course, it was just a joke but many thought it was for real and told Dan that they would vote for him.  It was interesting and encouraging to realize how many people do still read their local newspapers.

The editorial came about because Dan is always asking the locals their thoughts on the political scene in Quinte West.  John Williams has been a great mayor and the council seems to work well together.  It is not an easy task and I assume it would be impossible to please all the people but it appears that most of the good folks in Quinte West are pleased with the progress made during the past two terms of Mayor Williams and the Quinte West Council.  There will be big shoes to fill!