News from Koets

May 7, 2014

Dr. Jason Lee speaking at Trenton Christian School

I am sure that you have heard this many times but with our health care dollars diminishing  we will need to be responsible for our own health.  Of course, that has always been true but I think that we have been lured into thinking that there was some magic pill available and ready to cure whatever ails us.  If only that were true!

Christian Jaehn-Kreibaum, his wife and his family have been on a health journey that lead them to Dr. Jason Lee, ND from Oakville, Ontario.  This journey took place over several years and lead them down various medical paths as they dealt with their young daughter's rheumatoid arthritis.

Christian is excited to have Dr. Lee present "Simple Steps to Your Optimum Health" on Saturday, May 10th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Tickets are $15.00 for this event and all proceeds will go to the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation.