News from Koets

Jun 25, 2013

Panera Bread

We discovered Panera Bread several years ago while on a vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida.  At first it appeared to be just another coffee shop.  However, we soon realized that Panera Bread used high quality foods such as antibiotic free chichen in their salads.

At that time Panera Breads were only in the United States and we made a point of searching out all the Panera Breads on our route south.  We knew that we would be eating healthy while travelling.  Today there are several Panera Breads in the Toronto area.

I received an email today from Panera Bread with a cute little interactive link that showed how over the past couple of years they have worked closely with farmers so that together they could offer their customers antibiotic free chicken, turkey and ham.

According to their website, Panera Bread customers demanded healthier choices and Panera Bread listened.  It was hard work but they were proud to say that they were able to source out farmers who were capable of increasing their production of antibiotic free chickens, turkeys and pigs so that Panera Bread could supply all of their cafes.

Well done Panera Bread!  We, at Koets Plumbing, are also committed to working hard to provide our customers with healthy alternatives.  Along with SanEcoTec, we are proud to be able to offer our customers healthy water with the use of AVIVE a food grade hydrogen peroxide system.  It is nice to know that there are choices out there that can help us stay healthy.