News from Koets

Jun 24, 2013

Yellow Pages Group, Communications & Koets Plumbing

We are not new kids on the block!  D. Koets Plumbing & Heating Ltd. has been serving the Quinte West & Brighton area for 38 years.  There have been a lot of changes over those years.  We have grown from one employee to nine employees, technology has changed, fixture colours have changed, communication systems have changed and water treatment technology has changed.

How we get our information has also changed.   Yellow Pages and the Bell phone book were a major source of information.  The big fat phone book was always close at hand and used to get contact information about people and businesses.  Now the Yellow Pages book has shrunk in size and we just google a name or service to get whatever information we need.

Cell phones have made staying in contact easy.  When a customer calls with an emergency service call we can send a text and have one of our service technicians heading to the rescue!  Remember when the Jetsons used "facetime" to make a phone look at us doing the same thing.  Our technicians can "facetime" a broken part and we can get the right part ordered in for our customers.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds....going to the moon only happened in comic books!