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Apr 17, 2013

How To Prepare for a Power Outage If You Require a Sump Pump

Well, it was a crazy weekend this past weekend with the freezing rain causing power outages in Colborne, Brighton and Quinte West area.  If your home requires a sump pump to keep you high and dry then power outages are a worry.  Over the years we have advised our customers who rely on sump pumps to also install a water driven back up sump pump.  The water driven sump pump operates off of city or municipal water and does not require electricity to operate. 

Water driven sump pumps use 1 gal. of water to pump out 2 gal. of sump water.  If the hydro goes out then the water driven sump pump will kick in if the water rises in the sump hole and will continue to operate on the municipal water until the hydro is restored.  This won't help if a tree crashes through your roof but it will help to keep your basement dry!