News from Koets

Feb 8, 2013

SanEcoTec Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Water Impresses Koets Plumbing Customer

I just got off the phone with Steve Darrach.  Steve has been a customer of Koets Plumbing for many, many years and just before Christmas Steve called needing a new toilet.  While Dan was installing the new American Standard toilet, Steve chatted with him about his water concerns and how he was looking at some water treatment systems.  Dan gave Steve the SanEcoTec brochure and told him that we have had it in our home for over a year and have enjoyed many health benefits from our hydrogened water!  As Steve told me today.....he has totally trusted Dan over the years and decided to try this water treatment system.

Steve told me that I NEED to make sure everyone knows about the SanEcoTec food grade hydrogen peroxide water treatment system.  They have only had it installed in their home for a month but have already noticed many changes.  Brenda, his wife, who hardly drank water now drinks 5-6 glasses a day, his aquairium only needs to have the water changed every four weeks instead of two weeks and some fresh cut flowers from Smylie's Your Independent Grocer have stayed fresh for three weeks.  But, Steve's favourite story is about his son's visit to his dermatologist in Peterborough.  The dermatologist asked Steve's son what he had been doing different since the last time he was in.  The only thing that was different was that he was now showering twice a day in some water treatment system that his Dad had bought! 

The SanEcoTec system that uses Huwa-San technology completely eleminates chlorine and supplies health sustaining water by adding much needed oxygen.  So now when Steve's son showers his pores open up and his skin is being nourshished and being healed.  I told Steve that I think he will be pleasantly surprised the next time one of his family members goes in for their dental cleaning.