News from Koets

Feb 6, 2013

SanEcoTec Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Dental Check Ups

Well, we have been using the Huwa-San peroxide technology from SanEcoTec in our home for a year and a half and have seen some amazing results in oral wellness.  I went last week for my regular dental cleaning and check up.  It is so nice to hear the hygenist using numbers "1" and "2" with the occassional "3" when checking the pockets of my teeth.  My gums have been steadily improving since drinking and swishing with food grade hydrogen peroxide.  I will admit that I could do much better with my dental hygene.....of course I brush my teeth several times a day but I am not as vigilant with flossing! 

My friend, Angela Smylie, has this system installed in her home, too.  She gets a chuckle out of telling the story of her first dental visit after drinking and swishing with the food grade hydrogen peroxide system.  Her hygenist was new.  Angela did not mention anything about her SanEcoTec system but sat back and let the hygenist measure her dental pockets.  The poor hygenist was a bit frustrated as she could not get Angela's chart to match what she was currently measuring....her gums were so much healthier than they had been only 6 months before!

There seems to be lots of health benefits from our SanEcoTec system.  Healthy gums are just one of the many benefits that we have experienced.