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Jan 21, 2013

SanEcoTec Converts Town of Killaloe to Huwa-San Peroxide

This is exciting news!!!!  Imagine living in a community that does not use chlorine in the drinking water.  The bonus is that these people get to brush their teeth and shower with this water, too.  The following is a press release related to the Ontario Clean Water Agency, Ministry of Environment and SanEcoTec working together to deliver the best water possible for this community:

"OCWA and SanEcoTec are pleased to announce the successful conversion of the Water Treatment Plant to Huwa-San peroxide (HSP) secondary disinfection.  After months of engineering work and two intensive weeks of updating mechanical, electrical and control systems, dosing of Killaloe began on Thursday Nov. 29th in the afternoon. By the Director and Deputy Technical Director of Labo Derva, and ISO 17025 accredited water quality laboratory from Belgium.  By the engineers of Kramer SPI, a specialized instrumentation company from the Netherlands.  By the Operation Director and Water Technician of Roam Chemie Ltd., the manufacturer of HSP, located in Belgium.  By the owner of Millennium Control Co. and in no small measure by the dedicated OCWA staff at the Killaloe Water Treatment Plant.

The aim of the project is to replace chlorination with hydrogen peroxide in the distribution network with a view to avoid and eliminate the formation of harmful chlorine disinfection by-products while continuing to provide effective secondary disinfection of the drinking water and protection of the water distribution network.  Dosing has been going well.  The residual peroxide level is being measured across the distribution network, both in the cold and hot water supply.  Residents have commented on improved water aesthetics and better tasting coffee.  Further reporting will happen over the coming weeks and months.

Over the coming weeks the peroxide levels will be fine-tuned and the system optimized.  Intensive monitoring will also take place to ensure success at all levels of water quality.  This is a historic moment for the town of Killaloe as they are the first pilot in North America to successfully take the first steps to adopting a more sustainable water disinfection methold.  OCWA and SanEcoTec would like to thank the Major and the residents of Killaloe, especially the folks at Dan's Diner, for the warm welcome and support they extended to the implementation team over the last week."