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Once Again

Thanks for the very good services once again!

Quinte SailAbility


I would like to thank you for your support in this QS project.


Prompt Service

Thank you for the prompt service to fix our plumbing problem despite having a reduced number of work crews.  Shari managed to get us same day results.  Can't beat that!
Tom A.

Quality and friendly workmanship

Thank you so much for your efficient service and quality and friendly workmanship in the installation of two showers at my residence.


Fast service

Thanks for the fast service, same chap that did our water heater. Good lad. 


Much Appreciated

Dan Koets

On behalf of the deacons, I thank you for helping with the plumbing needs of ______.  It is very much appreciated.

R. E.

Prompt Service

Dan....with thanks for your prompt service!
The Raffertys


Here we were on a Friday afternoon with a kitchen sink full of water and an overnight guest coming Saturday.  You originally said it would be Monday before anyone could come.  You phoned back and said soeone would be here in the afternoon.  In walked two men (sorry forget their names) with smiles and they could have gone home early!  If you have employees of the month they should get it.  Such professionalism.  Your company is definitely on our speed dial and will be recommending your company to others.

I hope you know who the two men who came so you can show them this to know they were appreciated.

Thank you again from two grateful seniors.

Ron & Carol

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