Our community is important to us

Dan has always been proud to be a Canadian. His family immigrated from Holland when he was four years old and his hard-working parents instilled their values in him. They had a deep respect for the Canadians who liberated their village in Holland during the war and were very thankful for the opportunity to be able to move their young family here. So Dan was raised to work hard and give back to his community.

He learned that lesson well! Over the past 40 years Dan has coached minor hockey, worked with various youth groups and supported community events. Dan was delighted to be made an Honorary Member of 8 Wing at CFB Trenton and feels strongly about supporting our Military and their families.

Trenton Rotary Club logo Dan is a Past President of the Trenton Rotary Club.   Rotary’s involvement in the community was a drawing card for Dan. He likes how Rotary makes the community a better place for all to live. If you have ever been anywhere near the splash pad in Trenton you will know what he means. Dan enjoys committing his time and energy to raise funds for projects such as the splash pad or the dinosaur park.

Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation logoDan also sits on the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation Board. The members of this committee and various sub committees work hard to raise money so that Trenton Memorial Hospital has some of the best technology available. Dan believes it is important to keep a viable hospital open in Quinte West.

One of Dan’s passions takes him outside of his community boundaries to the Quinte Detention Centre in Napanee. He is part of a prison ministry team that visits the inmates once a month. In the past, Dan has worked with “at risk” youth trying to prevent them from following the same path as some of the inmates that he meets on his monthy ministry visits.

And if you are ever in the arena or on the soccer field in the Quinte region you will see sports teams wearing D. Koets Plumbing & Heating Ltd. jerseys. We want to see our community full of strong, healthy and active kids so we support the sports teams in our community.

Of course, Dan is not the only one with a strong community commitment. Chris coaches and assistant coaches rep hockey teams and soccer teams. He has raised money for the Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation Board by running in their marathon. And you might catch him flipping burgers in the Smylie’s Independent “burger mobile” to help raise money for sports teams.

Northumberland Youth for Christ logo Both Dan and Shari have musical gifts that they use to make this a musically better community. Shari is a very talented drummer and plays in the Brighton All Star Band and the Brighton Legion Highlanders.   During the summer you will find Dan leading worship at Church in the Heart of the Park at Presquile. Pat sat on the board for Northumberland Youth for Christ and volunteers with reading groups in the local schools.

Prince Edward-Hastings Habitat for Humanity logoWe have been part of a Habitat for Humanity team in Belleville and Quinte West and we support many local organizations when they need some work done. We have joined forces with many others and at the end of the day we have done what we can with what we have been blessed with to make the Quinte, Brighton and Northumberland area a better place to live.